This Album is in the Can


When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, but when life hands you hops, you make beer. When life hands you a guitar, you make music. And when life hands you the opportunity to partner with one of the finest craft breweries anywhere to release that music on an actual beer, well, you leap through that wormhole, fall all the way down that rabbit hole, and blast all the way out the other side into a reality where sudsy visions of smooth drinkability mesh seamlessly with fever dreams of enraptured faces melting to the music of The Lights Out. That astonishing reality is the one in which we all, including you, dear reader, happily find ourselves now.

In conjunction with our friends at Aeronaut Brewing, for the first time in history, a studio album will be released on a can of beer. Sure, we thought about vinyl, but ultimately decided to take the road less traveled by. Beer is a cooler format, for one thing, at least if you’re drinking American style. We find that our rocking sounds extremely good at around 35 degrees fahrenheit and tastes great with the speakers cranked. Best served and enjoyed with heart firmly on sleeve, T.R.I.P. does not care about being coy, or pretending to check your phone in a crowd, or ironic distance. T.R.I.P. wants you to enjoy yourself with the abandon and purity of heart that you had when your world was brand new! Like the first ladybug to ever land on your arm on a balmy July afternoon. Like the first night in your new apartment in the big city. Like it’s a rom-com and you and your newly found soulmate just met cute at Brooklyn Boulders (where we will pre-release this beer record on November 12). A national digital release will follow on February 1, and you can pre-order it now.

The Lights Out became sensitized to the truth of parallel realities somewhere back in time, and we are here from an alternate dimension to report back that everything not forbidden is mandatory. In the multiverse, you are all your dreams and nightmares realized, and thwarted, and every shade in between. Your free will is your ability to see these alternatives and choose among them which universe you will occupy, moment by moment. When we are together in the music, we are in the space between possibilities, where myriad experiences kaleidoscope out from the wondrous and magical moment known as the present. The beer fuels your trip through the multiverse. The album is the soundtrack to the journey. The journey is always and forever just beginning.


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