Roxy Got Moxie, Vinny Got (Very, Very) Lucky

A few months ago, I wandered into the jam room a little late and found myself in the middle of a conversation between Adam, Jesse and Matt. Jesse was amused and delighted. Delighted because his little sister, Roxana, was marrying the guy of her dreams! Amused because Mr. Right-for-Roxana Salucci’s name in real life is Vincent Staria. Just two crazy kids from Long Island starting their life together, ain’t it sweet?

I don’t think any of us remembers quite how it began, which is the way it can happen when things coalesce in that special way that is the beginning of a creative burst, but Jesse thinks I said it, whereas I think he first said it and I just ran with it. It doesn’t really matter. SOMEBODY said, “Seriously? Vinny and Roxy? That sounds like the name of a song!” And you know, it really did. To all of us, it immediately sounded like a retro-Springsteen Jersey Shore tale of two young, about-to-become-special-to-each-other people, told as though they were a couple of gearhead muscle car freaks and sung in the spirit of Phil Lynott arisen from the dead in all his “andiftheboyzwannafightchubetterLETUM!” glory. Once it became clear that there are exactly two awesome rhymes for Roxy (“foxy” and “moxie.” There might be one more somewhere, but not without contorting yourself to make it fit in a sentence, like, “epoxy.” Not so much that last one.) I realized that two verses were essentially done, and this one was going to basically write itself. It did.

That’s when we started thinking it would be fun to record it and give them a little surprise wedding present. So up to Silver Top studios in Georgetown to record with Jason Meeker (drummer for OldJack, and also kickass producer of other people’s stuff). The drums were all set up and ready to go, we were ready to go, and eight hours later we’d laid down all the tracks we needed, and it was over except for listening to mixes over the next few days.

This whole thing has been a great example of how having a laugh and not worrying too hard can really help a thing along. It’s possible to get bogged down in your magnum opus; it’s almost impossible NOT to get bogged down if that opus is more than seven or eight songs long. Trust me, it happens. But when it’s only one song, and you’re primarily doing it for someone else’s happiness, and it’s got to be quick because the wedding is approaching, it can add up to a whole lot of, ‘let’s just get it together fast and have a great time making this,’ which cut away a lot of care and let us all relax. Which made for a superior result. Meeker was all, ‘that is one of the more fun days I’ve spent in the studio’ precisely because of the efficiency of it all, and I agree.

We could say it was a present for Vinny and Roxy, but it just as easily could be said that they gave us the present of inspiration, and now we have something to show for it. So thanks, Roxy, for picking a dude with an awesome name. And of course, good luck you crazy kids!


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