Ride a Rock Pony

Free t-shirt, guest list plus one to our next club gig (November 19 at TT’s) and a copy of Rock Pony to the first person to correctly identify what album title this blog (and Rock Pony itself) is tipping its cap to. I’ll give you a hint; it’s a solo record from one of the most famous singers of one of the most famous bands in history, and like our cover (as always, designed by the freakshow-level talent Jesse James) it also features a centaur on the cover. That should be plenty for any self respecting music geek, so let the guessing commence.

TLO has been cleaning house. Several months back, we had the opportunity to record four songs for free at Boston University’s CDIA over in Waltham. Our good friend, Graeme Hall, (from Moki, Matt’s old band / AKA co-lead singer for Bang Camaro / AKA a great guy) was studying recording and production, and had a project where he needed a band to come in and do some stuff. Since Graeme is a capital fellow who is deep into the scene, and since it afforded us an opportunity to record for free in a state-of-the-art studio, we naturally jumped at the chance. So we hauled our gear to Waltham and cut four songs in record time, very late at night, fueled by latin american food. Well, we’re happy to report that Graeme got an A on the project. We thought that might be the end of things, but you know, he did get that A for a reason; these tracks sound really good! We’ve been sitting on them for a long time, waiting for them to ripen and fall off the branch. That time is now. Because there’s a new full length coming very soon, we felt like this was the ideal time to tease the world with four previously unreleased songs, including two rarities that almost never get played live. So Graeme did a little tweaking to get them ready for release and we dropped it on the world September 11, 2010, on the same night as our good friends and comrades-in-arms Muy Cansado released their excellent new record, Love and Fear, to a sold out Middle East Up. After a summer of drifting, vacationing, recording, and not much rehearsing, this was an excellent way for us to jump back in with both feet. And to prove that we can carry the headlining spot and keep the crowd there and excited, which is exactly what happened, so thank you all who showed up and stayed late, which was pretty much everyone who came through the door. I know we’re all party people here, but still, midnight is not really headlining; it’s playing last. Headlining is when your opener hit the stage at seven thirty and you hit it at nine. Regardless, the crowd stayed and made it much more of a headlining at midnight situation. We did our best to bring the requisite energy to bear on the situation, and we needed every bit of it to follow the excellent bands in front of us. Starting with The Press from NYC, a three-singer math rockish indie twang type act from Brooklyn. It was my first time seeing them and they caught me a bit off guard with all the different writing styles in one band, but as their set went on, they really won me over with their range and energy. Next up, Sidewalk Driver, hands down one of my favorite bands in Boston. Picture a bald guy in Ace Frehley silver platform boots, a Liberace cape, a little top hat rakishly perched on his glistening dome, and a voice suspiciously close to Cee-Lo (GREAT cover of Fuck You, guys!). And then picture him fronting a crack band playing tight, cult movie rock. These dudes, and one dudette rocking the guitar, are the perfect house band for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Muy Cansado. This was their night, and we were happy to be on board in support for their strong new release. Love and Fear gives you more of the Pixies inflected, sneak-up-on-your-limbic-system-and-stick-in-there-before-you-know-it songs that made this trio quietly stick out on their debut, Stars and Garters. They don’t dress fancy and they don’t shoot glitter cannons into the crowd at select moments (neither do we; that’s Sidewalk Driver), but the songs get in and they stay in, and they have range. I still say they need to cover “The Future’s So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)” by Timbuk 3. C’mon guys that song screams Muy Cansado! The sound is anything but “very tired.” I like the irony. The crowd loved ’em, and they did us the courtesy of being a tough act to follow, which always juices me. So we did our best, and to hear everyone tell, it was good enough to round out a phenomenal cross section of what Boston has to offer, sprinkled in with a little Brooklyn for good measure. It ought to be  a crime to have this much fun, but it happens every night of the week somewhere in the world, so it’s an ordinary crime. But they haven’t outlawed it yet (although they did their best by raising the drinking age to 21), so we’re going to keep on pillaging. See you in Philly and Cincinnati, where we ride the Rock Pony to the MidPoint Music Festival along with Spacehog, Surfer Blood, Best Coast, Holy Fuck, Phantogram and Ted Leo!

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