Our National TV Debut!

YEAH! This past Monday we cut out of our jam space a little early (after blazing through our set to make sure we stay sharp; no lyin’ down on the job for us) to rush over to Matty‘s pad to see Tough Love: Couples, Episode 105, “The Interrogation,” on VH1. Ha HAAAA!! This is the first fruit of our relationship with MTV Networks, and how sweet and succulent that fruit tasted as we sat down to watch to “Gottagetouttahere” playing under Ryan being interrogated by host Paul Ward about whether or not he took a shower with some chick while his partner on the show Accel (sp?) was out of town. Hint: he did. AND it turns out he grabbed her boobs! In the shower!! Will these two madcap kids make it? You have a few more days to find out, as this episode is airing until Monday, so if you got cable, catch it! In particular I love that they used the line, “and I’ll say something that I can’t take back, and you’ll use it down the road,” from the song just as we see the poor, duplicitous schmo’s face looking like George W. Bush as he hears that we’ve been attacked while he’s reading to a bunch of preschoolers. Priceless!


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