Birth of a Record

After three years of gestation, this is what we have: a van, a bunch of gear, 80-some-odd shows of one kind or another, a few inside jokes, a little bit of momentum, a one-of-a-kind, state of the art mobile listening/merch module, a web presence, a lot of good press, a whole lot of good friends and about 25 finished songs, 13 of which came out last Friday at T.T. The Bear’s Place on our new record, Color Machine.  We had people there from California and Hong Kong, and just about every music blogger in Boston, including Ryan, Sooz, Ashley, Bryan, Debbie and Sophia. We talked to Hilary from TeaParty Boston about what kind of cheese everyone would be (a very Barbara Walters line of questioning).  Jonas got some footage before the show.  Township was there.  Roman Traffic and Reverse were there.  Just about everybody I know in Boston, and some people I’d just about forgotten I knew, were in the room.  It was a big, buzzing show, with a cloud of Tweets orbiting like a haze burning off a lake in the morning sun.  And if I’m being honest, it kind of went by in a big blur.  Maybe birth isn’t the right metaphor.  Think of it like a wedding, or just being the host of a big party.  So many people, so little time with each one, so much to think about throughout the night.  A very happy day, but it kind of runs together in the mind.  I have snippets, like Township singing “lights out tonight” at soundcheck (and later in their set).  Nice touch guys, thanks!  Roman Traffic always blows people away with their hairpin turns and massive guitar assault and wailing vocals.  Reverse continue to be one of the truest voices in the scene, sounding like no one else but themselves. Mike, Mick and Gabrielle snapping away. JustBill givin’ up his house for the afterparty!  Which we didn’t get to until around three a.m.  JustBill, you’re the best!  Thank you to Randi for taking a chance on us with a prime night. Thanks to Joel for making us sound absolutely pro out front.  Especially, thanks to Jason Dunn at Mad Science Studios, who in addition to making the record with us did a great job on our light show this night.

And of course, thank you to everybody who came down and helped make it the raging success it was!  When we sat around with the CD for the last listen before duplication, we gave ourselves the goose bumps pretty well, and we feel like maybe some other people will hear it and get goose bumps too.  And judging by the crowd that night, I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start.

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