A Rockwork Orange

Orange MEN that is, droogies, and we did it up real horrorshow.  Syracuse University, to bring the newbies up to speed, is the alma mater of two of us, namely Jesse and Adam.  Would you believe that these two graduated the same year, yet knew nothing of each other’s existence until Adam joined the band in June of 07?  Ships in the night.  It’s a pretty groovy part of our band mythology.  And so upon a fine Friday morning, with an article in The Syracuse Post-Standard paving the way, we finally set out in Tim the van so Matt and I could see just what’s what in this place from whence we culled half our personnel.  The first thing is, it’s a loooong drive to Syracuse, good gravy!  But between Adam’s recorded podcasts of Sound Opinions, Matt’s indietastic iPod, and Jesse’s collection of comedy gold, we managed to pass time when conversation ran low.  Unfortunately, I had to relearn the hard way that speed metal and driving on the interstate don’t go very well together.  Kind of like beer then liquor, never been sicker, right?  So I think it might have been Dragon Force or Iron Maiden or something, but the next thing you know the cherries are flashing behind us, and my legendary cop karma finally ran out.  Now, I’ve talked myself out of some bonehead moves before, like the time I almost turned into a Green Line Train outside of Great Scott and the cop made me walk the line, not taking into account that no matter how drunk he might have thought I was, the adrenaline from being pulled over was going to completely counteract the alcohol (that wasn’t in me, by the way.  Don’t drink and drive kids!).  I honestly could have walked a straight line on my hands at that point, whatever that guy needed to let me out of there.  Which he did.  Ha!

However, I’m afraid this time was my time, and yes, I was speeding, so that’s a crappy lesson learned and taken to heart.  No more speed metal while driving to a gig!

We rolled into town around three that afternoon, and right on up to Adam’s old study haunt and watering hole, Clark’s Ale House, for some roast beef goodness and beer to wash it down while we waited for Jesse’s buddies Jay and Stacey to come hang out.  Stacy calls these sandwiches “beef doughnuts.”  And you know, that’s totally appropriate because they were awesome and fluffy (if that’s possible for a roast beef with onion and cheese), but when I hear “beef doughnut,” it totally makes me picture something else.  But this is a family friendly blog, so can just speculate for yourself, you degenerates!

Meanwhile, Matt was  apparently out discovering a patch of wet cement on the corner and did what any self respecting musician would do: he tagged it with our logo.  Nice, Matty!  Then we were off to kill some time at Sound Garden, the record store of note in town.  The incense was a nice classic touch, brought me right back to high school and Schlitz malt liquor.  No one does it like the bull!  And there were quite a few goatees on display also.  But mainly, I found a copy of Hated: The GG Allin Story and knew that it was my moment to finally hear the music behind the myth!  You know, I’m still disappointed that he didn’t actually off himself on stage, as often threatened (promised?).  An overdose seems like such a conventional way to go out by comparison.  But that mustache on brother Merle Allin is not to be believed, and if you’re in a band, believe me when I tell you that no matter how far you think you’ve gone on stage, GG has gone farther.  Much, much farther.

Oh yeah, the show.  So we got to Funk ‘N Waffles, unloaded our gear and met up with Ulf from Aux Records, who put the show together (thanks very much indeed, Ulf!), got the campus tour from Jesse and Adam (absolutely beautiful), did the freshman stomp at the Carrier Dome, and came back for Monte Cristo waffles (a waffle wrapped around an egg and ham, with powdered sugar all over it.  I like my yolk fried hard, but otherwise it was very passable).  Funk ‘N Waffles is an awesome little basement performance space that looks suspiciously like that coffee house on Friends.  Lots of purple couches and comfy chairs, lots of teenyboppers.  Our set was great, even if we were stepping all over each other on the teeny stage.  We saw some of the same girls as were at our Alpha Phi Omega national convention show in Boston last March, and they very much helped it feel like a real rock show by dancing their asses off once again.  Thanks ladies!  It was great to meet Paige and Yofred from Audiocandy, who Adam and Jesse had caught up with earlier in the week live on their show and on their blog, who came and reviewed us, and our buddies Merit topped the bill and showed us what the cream of Syracuse rock is all about.

Getting to Jay and Stacey’s is kind of a blur, but I seem to remember waking up to the smell of bacon.  Stacey books bands in the upstate New York area, and as she says, she’s been taking care of musicians for a long time.  Well, between the fried pig and the blueberry pancakes and the eggs, it was clear she REALLY meant it.  This was right before we went to brunch(!) to check out some friends of Jay doing a country acoustic thing, and doing it well indeed.  Good bloody Marys and second breakfast, courtesy of Jay.  You put us jerk Bostonians to shame with your largesse!  And also, people really believe in eating well up there — it feels like this whole entry has been about food.  Then they gave us a backstage tour of the historic Landmark Theatre, which is where we’ll eventually end up playing, one gig cycle before the Carrier Dome.  Well, one step at a time.

We left town impressed by and grateful for the top notch hospitality, as well fed as it’s possible to be, and with one very awesome notch in our belts, doing a very careful 65 mph all the way home.  Totally worthwhile, and we can’t wait to go back for more!


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