We swallowed the Pill on 12/5/08

and found it very good indeed. What a show. WHAT A SHOW!! We got on stage, looked out at a sea of young fresh faces jammed from the front to the back of Great Scott. Before we even finished the first song, the dancing(!) was in full swing. Getting high-fived between songs. Screaming applause. Devil’s horns being flashed at us all set long (DJ Mike, who organized, informed me afterwards that there have never been devil’s horns flashed at a Pill show before. We’ll take that as a compliment). Seriously, we were on stage, I looked out at the mayhem, and I turned to Matt and said, “now THIS is what a rock show is supposed to be!” In honor of the 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, we all got shitty. My crazy stage dad, who came all the way from Oregon to see it, took it one step further by getting cut off at the bar, thus reinstating a one night personal prohibition for himself. We’re so rock and roll that our DADs can outdrink you! OK, actually our dads can outdrink US, but that’s really saying something, you know what I mean? Thanks so much to DJ Mike for letting us come do our thing, and for giving us one of the signature shows of our still brief careers. It was an absolutely smashing time, and a great success by any standard you care to measure. See you all in ’09!

Critics Pick in the Boston Globe

Critics' Picks


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