TLO Drag our buddies to Church

That’s Church at 69 Kilamarnock Street in Boston, one of the best venues in town for a band to ply its trade. We had the November residency there, which means every Wednesday that month, which means a lot of awesome bands, because we booked it ourselves. And by “we,” I really mean Matt, who has a vice-like grip on just what is going on in Boston rock at any given moment. Of course, not to be outdone, Adam then went and plugged us into about five different radio shows to promote it, aside from all the press that we regularly garner through him. So it was hella busy, as almost nobody says. But I say it, and I think you know what I mean. We’re damned sick of each other, that’s what I mean! OK, no that’s a lie, it has been great fun all fall long, and these four shows did a lot to tighten our presentation. In no particular order, I’d just like to thank the many bands that came and did their thing with us, including Township, Me and Joan Collins, MidAtlantic, Silent Service, Static of the Gods, Muy Cansado, The Crushing Low, Old Jack, Topheavy, Suit of Hair, The Blackboard Nails, and Violet Violet. We really feel like it moved us up in the scene to be playing in such elite company. And of course, Tracey at WZBC, Anngelle at WBCN, and Carmelita at WAAF for helping us get the word out. These ladies are the queen bees of this town when it comes to rocking, so get down on your hands and knees and genuflect!

Four guys going for it

Going for it


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