The Lights Out Rocks Foxboro 10/25/08!

The Lights Out @ Gillette Stadium, Patriot Place, 10/25/08

The Lights Out @ Gillette Stadium, Patriot Place, 10/25/08

Ok ok, it’s been a little while since blogging has been on the docket, but honestly so much good has been happening to us this fall that we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath. So let’s start at the top, shall we? The Lights Out were all minding our own respective businesses one fine September morning when Matt called me up to say somebody named Robyn had heard us, liked our sound, and would we be interested in playing the Plaza at Gillette stadium? Once we determined that this wasn’t some bitter, twisted rival’s idea of a sick joke on us, we naturally jumped at the chance to play outdoors in the home of the best NFL franchise of the new millenium. So we found a buddy who has a PA, found another buddy who knows how to make it go, packed it and us all into three cars, and hauled ourselves down on a fine October morning to ply our wares. First of all, eight in the morning is absolutely the earliest I’ve ever seen any of my bandmates, unless we haven’t been to bed yet. And not an unpuffy eye among us to be seen. So there we are, loading gear at an ungodly hour and trying to figure out how it all is going to fit (Tim the van has never hauled so much. He’s supposed to be a conversion van, but on this day he became a cargo van with seats. Nice job, Tim!).

We made it down to the venue, and after ten or fifteen minutes of driving around the mall area trying to figure out exactly where we were going to be playing, we learned what was what and found Robyn, the brains of this whole operation, waiting for us. And all I could say after talking with her for two minutes was. “now this is more like it!” We could not have been treated better, from the swag bags to the free (and very tasty) lunch at CBS Scene, to the help from everybody there to make it run like clockwork. Well, we missed our tour of the grounds because soundcheck ran long. What do you want, we’re musicians, all right? Time is fungible, that’s why we got into this in the first place. Well, that and never growing up…

ANYWAY, above all, to play in an outdoor setting like that was just awesome. It’s quite a different thing to look out and, instead of seeing stage lights glaring back at you and maybe a hint of the bar mirror behind that, looking out at an amphitheater that looks directly into Gillette stadium on one side and across at CBS Scene on the other. Ominous cloudy skies whipping by overhead and blowing our hair around at just the right guitar moments. It sounds stupid, but I finally understand why Steve Vai always plays with a fan blowing in his face. And it’s even better when it’s real wind. The first thing out of my mouth when we took the stage was, “heLLOOOOOOOOOOOO FOXBORO!!!” I mean, I had to say it. You would have, too! Not to mention that we tested ourselves with a two hour show (instead of the usual 45 minute set at a club), and found ourselves equal to the challenge.

So thank you to the Kraft family for running a great organization, and reaching out to the local arts community. Thanks to Dan and Ryan from Old Jack for running sound and making us sound totally pro. And especially, thanks Robyn! I said it then, and it hasn’t changed. This was one of the best times I’ve ever had on stage.


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