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The Lights Out – Heist! (EP)
Record Label: Self-released
Release Date: June 27, 2008

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts indie-rock outfit The Lights Out have recently released their latest effort, Heist! on their own, for free. Now, I must admit that I’ve never really been one for this genre before, but this record has definitely gone some way towards changing my mind.

The band starts off the EP with the track “Money or Time,” a track cleverly blending several components of that widely-defined genre that is rock. The track (and EP in general) is very well done and the word ‘catchy’ wouldn’t really do it justice. It seems to bring to mind memories of the old rock giants without seeming to parrot or mimic anybody, and giving the music a distinctly modern twist.

The next track, “Liquid,” shows off a bit of guitar work in the intro, leading into a song which has parts which are bass and vocals-driven, as seen in several Audioslave songs, with, incidentally, vocalist Rishava Green sounding surprisingly like Chris Cornell in these parts. Like “Money or Time” and the other tracks on the EP, the song exudes a pleasantly upbeat yet laid back summertime feel.

“Never Going Back,” the EP’s third song, starts off with what seems to be a somewhat ska-inspired intro and verse (minus the brass) before moving into the chorus, which, whilst not providing the catchiest of hooks, fulfills its purpose nonetheless in delivering the line that every man should recognize and remember now: “I can’t give you what you want.” Acknowledging this will mean that you’re never been over-stretched by a woman (or a man, should you be so inclined)- you can thank the band for that later. This is probably the strongest song in terms of lyrics on the EP, with various other lines of note; I’ll leave you to note them though (you’ll enjoy it, trust me).

The eternal summer seemingly provided by this EP continues with the track “Get Up, Get Up,” a fun song which could definitely inspire the listener to do as the title demands of them – most notably at the end as everything comes in, resulting in a wonderful synergy of sounds.

Closing with the song “New Gets Old,” the slow beginning initially throws the listener into an auditory autumn, bringing down the pace and changing up what was, up until now, a very upbeat and lively record. The previous conception is restored one and a half-minute into the song, bringing back that summer feeling and giving an energetic and bubbly end to the disc.

What’s really refreshing about this EP for me is that they don’t have to resort to any of the gimmicks that so many bands use nowadays in order to seem fresh and original and just stick to what they know that the music should be about. It’s a sad state of affairs where so many bands use something in order to be “different” that they all end up sounding the same, so all credit goes to The Lights Out for sticking to their guns. What they’ve also done is include a few solos, something which has been in decline for some time now and do it well. Whilst these solos aren’t mind-blowing in their technicality, they do add something to the song and break up that old tried-and-true verse-chorus-verse song structure.

They’ve also managed to mix the instruments down to a tee. The only flaw in the production, for me, being when they attempt having two overlapping vocal lines, which I didn’t feel quite worked – though it didn’t happen often enough to detract from the EP.

So, having broken all of that down and listening to the EP a good few times now, I can honestly say that I really enjoy what the band has done and look forward to give it plenty more spins this summer and into the future. I’m really excited to see what this band’s going to come up with next.

Track Listing
1. Money or Time
2. Liquid
3. Never Going Back
4. Get Up, Get Up
5. New Gets Old

Recommended if You Like
Franz Ferdinand, Audioslave and summertime


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