Smashing Success!

I mean, it was a smashing success, not smashing the idea of success itself.  That would be failure.  Or sabotage, more precisely.  We just had an AWESOME time releasing the second installment of our forthcoming full length last Friday, June 27 at Church in Boston.  We all want to thank Aloud, a ridiculously talented band, for inviting us on the bill, and for not giving us shit for playing that encore, which maybe shaved a little time off their set.  They were very gracious about it, and then proceeded to just obliterate the place with sweet, sweet harmony and muscular hookmaking.  But you know, the crowd was so thick, energized, and LOUD for us, we really couldn’t help ourselves.  I think we pulled off an exceptional show,  one that we’ll be patting ourselves on the back about for awhile.  We are now 67% finished with the record, which is shaping up to be a monster in our eyes (and by the sounds of the crowd, a few other sets of eyes as well).  We’ll post them soon, so as always, check back, or go to to hear “Money or Time” right now.  And you can even set up an account to listen to all kinds of other great music there as well.  If you like it, you bump it.  If you bump it, it moves up the chart.  Pretty cool system, like a meritocracy or something instead of a bunch of shitheads with expense accounts pulling favors with Clear Channel deciding what sticks.  It’s the people who actually listen and buy stuff and go to shows who do it.

Anyway, thanks as always to Jason Dunn from The Luxury (the band) and Mad Science (the studio where we make this stuff) for running lights and running onstage for the last song to stack some killer harmonies on top.  I think there must have been about ten extra people up there for that song.  Great moment!  And of course, most thanks go to everyone who came out in support and helped make it a special night for all of us.  We all did it together!


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