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The Lights Out: Model of good behavior

By Kerry Purcell  |   Friday, February 22,  2008  |  |  Music News

The Lights Out started as singer Rishava Green’s solo project, but has grown into a new model, thanks to Allston’s Model Cafe.

“The Model has been very special to us,” Green said. “That’s where we all met up. We all knew it was the right thing before we even played a note.”

Located around the corner from their practice space at the Allston Sound Museum on Denby Street, the gritty rocker bar on Cambridge Street has served as a source of musical and lyrical fodder for the Lights Out’s music, which was previously written solely by Green. He wrote the band’s first record, “The Douglas Sessions ’05,” as a ploy to draw like-minded musicians. But he ended up stumbling upon the future Lights Out members on Craigslist. After getting to know one another at the Model, they began their indie-rock journey.

“We really are something altogether different,” Green said of the new lineup and sound. “(We’re) uptempo. It has evolved into the next model.”

No pun intended (we think).

The Lights Out is working on a new album. The plan is to end up with 12 tracks by doing four songs at each of three sessions.

“It helps to keep ourselves entertained,” Green said of working in installments. “It’s good to have a carrot dangled in front of you. The sound is growing and changing all the time and that’s OK with us. I’m not worried that we didn’t do it all in the same session. When it’s all finished we won’t recut anything, but we’ll remix it so it sounds similar.”

The Lights Out’s sessions are fueled by what guitarist Adam Ritchie calls “the three rock food groups”: bounty hunters, death by volcano and, of course, love.

“We are working on a song called ‘517,’ ” Green said, “that’s actually about a guy back in Washington state who was named Harry Truman. He was killed under the eruption of Mount St. Helens. He popped in my head and we wrote a song about him.”

The Lights Out plans to release its next set of songs this spring, with the full-length CD to follow in the fall.

You don’t have to wait that long to hear them. On Tuesday, the Lights Out headlines a showcase of sorts at the Abbey Lounge with the Bleedin Bleedins, the Luxury, Thick as Thieves, Reverse and the Motion Sick.

“We wanted to play with bands that seemed like they were making waves and that had a sound that would work with us,” Green said. “It’s sort of a coming-out party for us. We want to introduce the world to what’s coming from our city.”

The band: Rishava Green (vocals, guitar), Adam Ritchie (guitar, vocals), Matt King (bass, vocals) and Jesse James (drums, vocals)



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