New EP Review (Sorta)


The Lights Out Oh boy, a new EP from The Lights Out! Though I loved the Douglas Sessions 05 release, I had to set aside further examination when front man Rish Green told me that was a “prototype” of a record. He meant that he’d released it alone, before finding collaborators and fleshing out the band’s direction, and that meant whatever came next could sound nothing like that first release. Two years later, Rish has got an awesome band, the sound is all energetic hard pop rife with racing rhythm, crunchy guitars, and cleverly singable lyrics. They’ve put out a four-song EP, and what a teaser. The four tracks are hits, each one, but a standout is “Count Me Out.” It’s got a hard-driving, surf-tinged guitar riff and an insanely delicious chorus. “If I do and you don’t, would you put me down? If I don’t and you do, would you count me out? If I don’t, please don’t count me out,” the guys sing together in a splendid, catchy unison, punctuated with drum hits and fills in the exact right places to cause riotous singing along. I’m such a sucker for these guys and their irresistible, smart rock. Word has it that new guitarist Adam Ritchie is adding even more spark to The Lights Out, so the full-length is bound for greatness in a town that loves its sweet, sweet pop. Bring it on, Lights Out, Boston’s ready for you. (Review date: October 5, 2007, Lexi Kahn)


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