Greetings from the West Coast


So here I am in Oregon, NOT practising with the rest of the band and hating it, but also hanging with my old high school buddies and family and loving it.  My thoughts on my hometown of Lincoln City, Oregon are that while it was a dead end place that couldn’t be escaped from fast enough (population: 6,000), it’s grown a bit in the time I’ve been in Boston.  Now there’s a casino just like every other casino you’ve ever seen in your life courtesy of the Siletz Indians and whoever specializes in building these things for the various tribes that get the paperwork through city hall.  The billboards on the way into town were advertising Rick Springfield(!) and Neil Sedaka(!!).  I guess we all have the casino circuit to aspire to now, to go back and play in all the little podunk towns that couldn’t have drawn anyone better than the Margaritas or Three Guys and a Girl or No Vacancy.  Now it’s a boomtown of ten thousand hardy souls and about five pawnshops.  But honestly, this place cleaned up pretty good since I’ve been gone.


Still, it will be nice to get back to the real business of assimilating our new guitar player, Adam, into the mix.  Because as it turns out, he’s awesome.  We auditoned him (even though I like to think he was on board in my mind before he even picked up the guitar), and he aced it.  In the dark times of wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life, sometimes somebody comes along and clicks and reminds you that you’re still in the flow of syncronicity.  That’s a little melodramatic, because I daresay the three of us were doing good work together, but to have another puzzle piece that fits so well (besides being a great player he also happened to go to college in Syracuse with Jesse, unbeknownst till now to either of them.  They even have a past band member in common) gives it a certain weight over and above just saying, “all right dude, you’re good enough.  You’re in!”  Adam is more than good enough, and would have been an easy choice without the other things, but those other things iced the cake and  made it cosmically obvious that we’re still on a track and not just floating in the void.  So look for four new tracks from the new, improved us by late September.  And welcome aboard, Adam!  I can’t wait to get back home and get to work for real, but for now I’ll have to satisfy myself with family, old friends, and the best herb West of the Mississippi and North of California.  Hmm.  I guess that will do ok for now.


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